Ethical Trading

  • SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING – Thoughtful objects add meaning to our lives. Focalpoint Home represents a store of creative energy from artisans who are committed to cultivating beauty. The homewares market is changing . Customers are more discretionary and have environmental concerns in regards to mass market consumerables. Craft and handmade products are becoming especially popular. We are supporting the Tunisian artisans by buying from them directly- ie no intermediary buyer, which ensures they receive their rightful payment directly from us. If there is no market for the products the artists must find other employment and cease their craft. Focalpoint encourages the preservation of the traditional skills by finding new markets for the products incuding the foutas and the pompom rug seen here. This will have the long term effect of encouraging continued employment.
  • FAIR TRADE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE – “Socially-responsible business practices: products produced by indigenous peoples, creating viable, sustainable trades and markets in poverty-stricken and needy communities worldwide; and manufacturers who donate percentages of their sales to not-for-profit organizations”

Employing fair trade practises Focalpoint Home brings the’ Maker to Market’. Buying from the Tunisian Artisans directly ensures that traditional craftsmanship is being preserved.