Amazigh Wool Art


Amazigh also known as the Berbers are among the original peoples of North Africa. Their myths, legends and history span 9,000 years, back to the Proto-Mediterraneans. They have achieved unity by keeping up their unique language and culture which are, like their land, both African and Mediterranean.


Mid 20th century  wool hanging


Matmata Tunisia


Red and yellow tie dyed patterns.  The entire fabric was then immersed in an indigo bath giving the overall textile a greenish blue hue


Brightly colored yarn in a running stitch depicts Amazigh motifs


Stylized plantlike forms serve as fertility symbols

In Amazigh culture, women play a central role in creating the aesthetic and symbolic forms that make Amazigh identity unique—as well as achieving considerable status and respect. Motherhood is highly esteemed by Amazighs, and women incorporate symbols and colors that relate to fertility into their textiles

37 x 38 .

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